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We provide each client with personal, dedicated to inspire engineering solutions.

Next Stage produces extremely efficient designs and is known for its creative innovation.
The firm combines cutting edge technology with seasoned experience to provide professional services unmatched in the industry.

Our approach is process driven, utilizing a collaborative design environment. Technology, communication, and responsiveness are key strengths that facilitate the firm’s commitment to exceptional service.


construction Services

Cost Management

Nextstage keeps project costs under control by utilizing several processes that add efficiency and value at every stage of the process. Through constant communication and collaboration with members of our integrated design and construction team as well as the client, we focus on identifying and delivering upon key project objectives. We ensure success through increased accuracy in project delivery, especially costing and estimating.

Owner Direct Purchase

Non-profit organizations and public sector clients can reduce costs of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) by taking advantage of their state’s tax-exempt status to purchase items themselves, rather than the contractor purchasing them. This is called Owner Direct Purchase (ODP) and can save thousands of dollars in revenue taxes. Your state will require that you follow specific procedures and maintain detailed documentation, so small ticket items are not a good fit for the program. Nextstage works with its clients to determine a minimum price at which an owner can benefit best from this program.

Owner Training

At start-up, the team reviews and inspects all plumbing, mechanical, fire protection and electrical systems to ensure proper operation. During this turnover phase, Nextstage also trains owner representatives in the operation and maintenance of each system.


Through our extensive network of industry leading manufacturers, we provide our clients with global procurement resources, market knowledge and volume-leveraged pricing to maximize ROI. During the bidding process, Nextstage's highly knowledgeable project managers utilize their years of experience across multiple industries to optimize product and service offerings. Clients experience significant cost savings thanks to both our extensive network and $250 million in annual purchases of goods and services over the past decade.

Project Management

Next Stage can take complete ownership of a project from start to finish, coordinating everything and everyone so our clients can focus on their business. We can oversee every aspect of our client’s projects, including:

  • Design coordination/management
  • Subcontractor management
  • Procurement
  • Cost control
  • Project control
  • Safety
  • Project control

We use the latest, real-time software to provide clients with all the project information they need, including design, procurement, takeoffs, estimates and more. All of the project managers at Nextstage undergo a rigorous, hands-on training program as field engineers to effectively prepare and equip them for sophisticated project management. We understand that industry specialty is a crucial aspect for a project manager, and all of our PMs manage projects within their expertise. For example, our food and beverage project managers are highly experienced in hands-on coordination with process equipment.

Start-up & Commissioning

We test all equipment and processes, and ensure the client operation and maintenance teams are trained before providing as-recorded drawings and owner’s manuals. Our start-up and commissioning services are completed in coordination with the owner’s project team and assigned subcontractors and vendors (if applicable). Because LEED certification requires a commissioning process, and higher certifications require a third-party-commissioning agent, Nextstage enlists agents early and often to ensure input into the engineered systems is documented, and when applicable, integrated into the design.


To keep contracts on time and within budget, Nextstage manages, stores and tracks all project communications such as transmittals, letters, meeting notes, contracts and change orders. We can also maintain historical data that can both be used for the life of the project and readily referenced in future projects. Nextstage can also successfully manage all aspects of financial reporting and project management. Our team can process all documents in a paperless manner, which allows for increased efficiencies across all Nextstage disciplines and provides a cost effective approach to all aspects of our business.

Safety Program

Even though our employees work in high-risk categories including roofing and welding, Nextstage's safety record is notably better than the industry average in the two primary benchmarks used to measure safety. This speaks to Nextstage's remarkable attention to safety.

Quality Management

Although quality is a team effort, the project superintendent is responsible for overseeing construction while enforcing Nextstage’s commitment to delivering only the best for our clients. Our process includes:

  • Design and submittal documents — during pre-construction, our team evaluates each design discipline, performs a constructability analysis and verifies the suitability of design details and selected materials.
  • Construction coordination meeting — when construction begins, the owner, architects, engineers, construction managers and subcontractors meet to review the overall project scope while addressing safety and schedule issues.
  • Independent materials testing — to ensure compliance with project requirements, the Nextstage team engages independent laboratories to test methods and materials.
  • On-site inspections — before construction begins, inspections are built into the schedule, with multiple inspections planned for each major scope of work.
  • Project observation log — to document and summarize all observation reports generated by the general superintendent during construction, we outline all reported items, corrective actions taken and current status for review by the superintendent, project manager and other team members.
  • Major systems start-up and training — at start-up, the team reviews and inspects all plumbing, mechanical, fire protection and electrical systems to ensure proper operation.
  • Substantial completion inspections — representatives from each design discipline inspect the project upon substantial completion to ensure compliance with design documents and owner’s criteria.
  • Project closeout — at the end of every project, we conduct a post-mortem meeting to identify any administrative and technical improvements that could be made.
  • Project follow up — upon completion of a project, Nextstage submits a satisfaction report for the owner to provide feedback as a means for our continuous improvement in quality and delivery methods.

Trade Contractor Management

Managing contractors is more important than simply hiring them — and we provide both services for our clients. We act on our clients’ behalf, managing project scope, negotiating contracts and overseeing schedule and contractors. At Nextstage, we maintain the highest levels of quality and safety on every job, and we expect no less from our subcontractors to ensure your project is a success.

To preserve the integrity of our work, we have a stringent pre-qualification process for all subcontractors.

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Next Stage Engineering teams are creative partners that generate solutions that bring an owner’s vision to life. We strive to ensure that every project is resource efficient and performs as designed to reduce the global impact of the built environment.


Our team is a diverse assortment of specialists, with each member bringing expert knowledge and an inquisitive mind to projects of every size and scope.


Through continuous collaboration with the project team, we develop and apply the latest computational modeling techniques and workflows to speed design thinking and parametric design.


We develop and implement the latest state-of-the-art in science and engineering to address problems of any complexity and scale.
We identify and manage risks using a multidisciplinary approach based on systems engineering, probabilistic risk analyses and consequence modelling.


We are curators – instead of “telling,” we educate the team on key issues so that we can all, collectively achieve optimal sustainability.

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Next Stage Engineering Group develops the design and performance of structures, materials and systems for projects of every size and complexity. We are an independent organization of engineers, designers, architects and other professionals who collaborate worldwide to help you achieve your goals. We are committed to being a sustainable and diverse global driver of change and innovation in our industry.