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pre-Construction services

Leverage our industry knowledge and experience to plan out your project from start to finish.


We provide each client with personal, dedicated to inspire engineering solutions.

The pre-construction phase is crucial to successful implementation of construction projects. Our team is highly experienced in providing a host of pre-construction services, accurate cost estimates and timelines during early design, while identifying and correcting any potential issues prior to construction.

Through constant communication with team members and owners, we manage (and often exceed) client expectations from concept to delivery.

Pre-construction offerings are quite like reviewing plans. It's a faithful collaboration concerning client stakeholders, designers and professional construction managers during which essential data is shared. finished look and sense, durability, building existence expectancy, destiny increase and price range are all mentioned in order that ability challenges could also be resolved before construction starts. during pre-construction discussions, NextStage’s team asks questions, offers alternative answers, indicates diverse finishes and construction strategies, checks the budget as frequently as required and develops a sound undertaking timeline based on sensible facts. NextStage’s crew is particularly skilled in imparting a bunch of preconstruction offerings early within the planning process so our customers can make timely decisions that let them to spend their money wisely.


pre-construction Services

Value Management

Through the collaboration of our design engineers, construction project managers and field supervisors, we create and deliver innovative solutions that add value for our clients. From process design to building materials, we thoroughly explore opportunities for value engineering at every phase of a project. We achieve this through:

  • Lean manufacturing principles — during design development, we implement principles that reduce waste, increase productivity and boost profitability for our food clients
  • Cost control — Our team monitors and reports costs in real time while maintaining the highest levels of communication and accountability
  • Creativity and innovation — we bring these values to every project, understanding the value of offering leading-edge solutions for our clients that are proven to reduce costs and improve food safety

Phasing & Scheduling

To ensure maximum efficiency and accuracy, Nextstage employs a systematic and well-documented approach to executing projects that eliminates costly delays for our clients.

  • Phase 1: Project Development — conceptual engineering, preliminary engineering, estimating and scheduling
  • Phase 2: Detailed Design — schematic drawings, outline specifications, project definition
  • Phase 3: Project Implementation — cost control, quality assurance, schedule controls, communication safety
  • Phase 4: Commissioning and Closing — mechanical systems start-up and training, final field inspections, punch list, record drawings and owner’s manuals


Nextstage experts conduct federal, state and local zoning and building permitting. Through comprehensive research and analysis, we identify and offer assistance in applying for municipal incentives.

Long-lead Item Identification

We quickly identify the materials that will take the longest time to reach the job site, then proactively ensure those items are sourced during the design phase to eliminate delays during construction.

Life Cycle Analysis

Our team of experts evaluates initial and operating costs of a facility to help clients maximize net savings over the life of the building, conducts code research, then obtains all necessary permits. We provide a variety of options to the client, outlining the costs and ROI of each so our clients can make the most informed decisions for their business.

Constructability Reviews

Minimizing construction delays and field changes are key to keeping a project on schedule and within budget. As the design develops, we continually review project design documents to ensure construction can be executed safely, efficiently and cost-effectively — including evaluation by a separate design and construction team. Our constructability reviews eliminate costly redesigns and related change orders. We detect conflicts and interferences so we can resolve them in the model, not in the field.

Building Surveys

We conduct topographic and boundary surveys to locate, mark and measure any existing features on or inside a property, including utility locations, storm drains, elevations and surface types that may impact building design.


At Nextstage, we recognize that without proper planning and communication, added costs can unintentionally find their way into a project. We seek to eliminate that possibility for our clients. Stellar has deep expertise in designing and building facilities of all types, for all budgets, in a variety of markets. We've developed strong relationships with vendors and suppliers, allowing us to provide our clients with the most accurate information for their budgets, including initial costs and projected long-term savings. We work closely with our clients to manage budget and expectations, maintaining transparency throughout the bidding process.

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Next Stage Engineering teams are creative partners that generate solutions that bring an owner’s vision to life. We strive to ensure that every project is resource efficient and performs as designed to reduce the global impact of the built environment.


Our team is a diverse assortment of specialists, with each member bringing expert knowledge and an inquisitive mind to projects of every size and scope.


Through continuous collaboration with the project team, we develop and apply the latest computational modeling techniques and workflows to speed design thinking and parametric design.


We develop and implement the latest state-of-the-art in science and engineering to address problems of any complexity and scale.
We identify and manage risks using a multidisciplinary approach based on systems engineering, probabilistic risk analyses and consequence modelling.


We are curators – instead of “telling,” we educate the team on key issues so that we can all, collectively achieve optimal sustainability.

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Sustainability, without compromising the needs of tomorrow

Next Stage Engineering Group develops the design and performance of structures, materials and systems for projects of every size and complexity. We are an independent organization of engineers, designers, architects and other professionals who collaborate worldwide to help you achieve your goals. We are committed to being a sustainable and diverse global driver of change and innovation in our industry.